sunnuntai 14. toukokuuta 2017

A special day

It's like the days usually are, and still it isn't. It's my ninth Mother's Day as a mother myself. It feels special every year, even though it's full of everyday things that you are so used to. For the last five years, we have spent Mother's Day with our family of five, celebrating together. We don't have the chance to celebrate with the grandparents as there is one whole ocean between us. Sometimes I think of that time when there wasn't Skype or anything. It seems so far away. 

But I have built my own new traditions for Mother's Day. My kids are attending the same school since 2014 and this is the third Mother's Day when we are participating in their tradition - selling, assembling and delivering Brunch Bags to over 1000 mothers in the area. I have taken part in the assembly of the bags three times now. It starts at 6am in the morning and the bags are ready for delivery by 8am.

So, this Sunday, I wake up at 5:15. In the quiet house I prepare a tiny little cup of coffee, take a bite of a pretzel, and sneak out of the house at 5:55. The morning is rainy and a bit chilly but the people are smiling. Everyone is smiling. I enter the gym and find myself a spot at the assembly line. This year it's the rolls. After someone else has put in a jar of jam, some brie cheese and two croissants, I stick in two rolls on top of them and give the bag forward to the next person in line. It works perfectly and it is fast. In less than 90 minutes, 1400 bags are ready. Every time, I get impressed by the number of the bags that will be donated to women in need. It's amazing, and it's important.

I get back home, I need to be back by 9am as my husband is leaving for a business trip this morning. Because of that, we celebrated a bit yesterday, with a cake and beautiful gifts. My husband needs to go soon so there is no time for celebrating more in the morning and afterwards, we skype to grandmothers with the kids. "Hyvää äitienpäivää!" they yell through Skype. They can still say it in Finnish which is comforting. In the last two years, their Finnish has changed a bit - it sounds a bit funny, I must say.

Even though Mother's Day is full of everyday things, it is special. Moms are special. Far and near. On both sides of the ocean.

From my son,

I look at my kids and think what they will be, what they will achieve - like every mother does, I believe. If they will change the world? Who knows.

I know something. They have changed my world.

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